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Again, it's been a while since my last entry. A lot has happened, nothing truly important though.

11th grade is over, we are now the oldest kids in the school. I'm 18. there are +s and -s to it. I mean I can finally travel alone, it's been such a drag having to ask for my father's permission every time i wanted to do anything, but now I am responsible for every single thing I do, and I have to be very very careful not to mess up.

Flag Day has passed. :)) in a somewhat strange way. Can you picture this? Being in front of a judge...he asks: "What did you find out about ecology in your state?"...I smile and say that unfortunately we did not prepare in that area. Then , I ask my teacher what was all that about? and she says: "hihihi...I forgot to tell you"....O_O ....like.....what the.....seriously....

Oh well, water under the bridge already.

I had my first photo-shoot as a M.U.A. (Make Up Artist) and assistant, that was fun ^^, I love thinking about what would look better, how to bring up the model's features in the light and all that.

Also, I have started to run in the mornings. Yep, I, Domnica, am waking up at 6 AM, leaving the house at 6:30 AM and running till about 8 on the lake near my house. When it's cooler outside it's really really amazing, I think this week I'll post a picture of the view.

So, this being told, time for me to go to bed.

P.S. this is a photo from Alex Velea's Flash Mob, in Constitutiei Place, Bucharest, 06.13.2010

Let's turn the world around
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Devious Journal Entry

Hit the lights
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Photos from High school Street Dance Cup 2010 and from Alex Velea's Flash Mob in Constitutiei Place.

Sugoi janai desu ka?

May. 25th, 2010

OMG, seems like i haven't been constructed for walking around all day on high heels. I feel like my feet are just going to fall off. okkkkk, and that's already too much information.

curiously, my drawing teacher didn't shout at us today, it was quite pleasant, i enjoyed being able to draw freely, talking with my colleagues. ^_^

ok, i;m going to cut this short, cuz' I'm really really tired and i have absolutely no inspiration.

oh. i forgot. my English teacher wants me to do a F.L. Wright model, more specifically his Fallingwater house, :| for flag day.....yeahhhh, right

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There are some people I just don't understand. Seriously, you don't make any sense!!! I'm sure in your heads you do, but honestly, listen to yourselves and picture me saying what you're saying, wouldn't you call me crazy?

In Romania, there are a type of prom's that happen at the beginning of the high school, so that the kids get to know each other better outside school, and they organize a contest of Miss & Mister + the name of the high school. This year some people thought, "Let's make it even bigger!" and they went to all these "proms" and yesterday they made another one, supposed to be bigger, and they continued the Miss contest. It was, I think not that awesome, sure, it was a reason to go out, but it wasn't great. Oh, the tickets were a fortune, at least for some students, thus there weren't so many people, mostly the contestant's families and friends. If I hadn't been sent by my redactor, I wouldn't have spent my money on that.

In contrast to that, this evening I went with my mom to see the Russian ballet gala, it was really really good, call me old-fashioned, but I much rather preferred to see another ballet show than to attend that party. Now you're going to laugh, but there was this guy, man he knew how to spin and jump, he had one of the most amazing pirouettes i have ever seen, truly Bolshoi rlz, and of course his partner was at the same level. Not to mention the costumes which were perfect.

"Balul Primaverii"

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Ignoring the fact that it was snowing in the middle of April, now it's almost summer, supposedly sunny and warm, but no. It rains cats and dogs, Bucharest is never prepared, so consequently it's not prepared for the rain, all in all the city is flooded. It's cold and gloomy, therefore i had to cancel my first photo shoot where i got to be the Make-Up Artist too :((.

What annoys me the most is that in other countries people say things like "omg, it's so hot outside", while sunbathing and just doing nothing else, except for drinking something from time to time. Dude, i would gladly trade places.

Aside that, everything is back to normal: teachers shout, i couldn't care less, other professors just realized that they'll be on strike starting with next Monday (31st may)so they try to catch up with the marks... the good thing for me is that i have only 2 weeks left of being 17, and for underage (for Romania, that is ). Parteeee :->

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OK, so, it's been forever since my last post, this is probably due to getting involved with things in my high school, and leaving icon making for photography :D

I've also started tutoring for the Romanian admission to the architecture university, i have this really cool teacher, i mean he made a lot of things in a time when no one did, but he is an a...., why? i don't know, but he likes to tease and annoy me a lot under the pretext of testing me. it's tiering, but I'll survive.

anyway, i guess I'll start posting again. until then take a look at my DA http://arya-domy.deviantart.com/

OMG, i forgot the HTML coding....I'll do my best to remember everything

Believe me
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La multi ani!

imi cer scuze ca aceasta urare vine cu intarzirere..., dar la multi ani Delia si la multi ani Felix, sa fiti fericiti, norocosi, sanatosi si bucurosi.....


May. 12th, 2008

Uff....deci eu intru in perioada cu tezele si asta inseamna multa toceala la materii de care nu cred ca o sa am nevoie dupa ce ies din liceu....de parca o sa ma intrebe cineva de ce se presupune cu necesitate explicitarea metaforei titlului la nu stiu ce carte...
Si din nou, perioada tezele inseamna mult stres, crize ca nu fac fata si in acelasi timp trebuie sa ma ocup de n proiecte pentru scoala, pe care trebuie sa le platesc din banii mei pentru ca directorul e un idiot.
Ideea este ca nu cred ca o sa mai am timp de stat foarte mult pe LJ, nu ca acum as sta foarte mult, dar din cand in cand mai arunc si eu un ochi sa vad ce mai faceti, ce mai ziceti.
Sper sa nu innebunesc pana la sfarsitul anului asta scolar, si sa ne ...scriem cu bine peste trei saptamani.
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